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Claudia Castañeda, PhD

My aim is to provide you with the assistance you need to fully realize your writing project, from the glimmer of an idea  to the completed text.  

As a translator, I seek to convey both the content and style of your text as fully as possible, while attending to the differences in language that must be incorporated to communicate your  ideas effectively.


love the transformative power of ideas and how that power is materialized in the written word.   I derive great satisfaction and pleasure from offering resources for writing and publishing that undercut overwork, isolation, and other obstacles that are not ultimately only personal but also institutional, including barriers of language.  I am particularly committed to supporting writers and writing that have been underrepresented in the academy.

As my academic training is thoroughly interdisciplinary, I am comfortable editing or translating theoretical, empirical, and experimental work across the Humanities and Social Sciences. 

My credentials: I have been doing academic editing for 10 years.  I received a PhD in 1997 from the History of Consciousness, Board of Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz.  I am currently a Sr. Scholar in Residence in the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies at Emerson College, Boston.  I have a record of academic publication.


Would you like to get started working on an article or manuscript? Do you have questions about my services, fees, timelines, or anything else? Please write to me and let me know.   I look forward to hearing from you!

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Le ofrezco mi servicio de traducción del español al inglès. Esto le abre las posibilidades de comunicar sus ideas  un mundo académico màs internacional.

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Je vous offre mon service de traduction du français  à l'anglais.  Comme ça vous pouvrez comuniquer vos idées à un monde académique plus international. 

Prenez contacte avec moi: castanedit@gmail.com

No published text is the work of a single person.  Why not get assistance now? Whether you struggle with writing or enjoy the process, there are times when it can be useful to  get help, at any point in the writing process.  As a developmental editor, I offer you aassistance with the content of your writing.   In general, this includes the kinds of input you see in the adjacent list.  (It does not include copy-editing and formatting.)

   Some of the ways I can help you are:

  • pulling key points out of rough drafts

  • clarifying your argument

  • matching evidence to claims

  • creating an effective structure

  • cutting unnecessary material

  • resolving contradictions

  • untangling multiple  strands of analysis

  • responding to reader reports

  • starting work on a new project

  • returning to unfinished work

  • completing revisions

  • countering isolation