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Developmental EDITOR

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working with scholars from under-represented groups


why you

Why struggle when you can thrive 

To ask for help demonstrates a capacity, not a failing. And all published texts are the work of many, not one. Put aside  your pride or your self-doubt and GET HELP.

Get the help you need

How is writing without help working for you? Most of us need some level of

 connection, support, and skillful feedback to do our best work. Individualism is a trap that deprives you of these resources for writing well.

Let yourself do your best work

 Getting help will allow you to put your energy into writing and publishing what you have to say, rather than becoming exhausted fighting destructive and false ideals.


to write with

greater ease,


and impact

why me

I'm confident I can help you.

I'm a skilled and practiced editor, with 10 years of experience, 20 years in academia, and a record of academic publications.  I'm familiar with disciplines across the humanities and social sciences, and adept with theoretical and interdisciplinary work. 

Your project is my project.

My central purpose is to serve you and your project.  I can follow your lead or provide a starting point.  I will find the structure in a scattered text,  pull out the central argument from a tangle of claims, and identify where an argument needs further support.  I can show you how to turn an inward-facing discussion toward the reader, and suggest more precise and nuanced language.  I can detect theoretical questions that arise from your text  and suggest ways of addressing them, or evaluate how effectively your chosen theoretical approach  serves your purposes and offer alternatives. 

Editing brings me joy

It's an honor to be invited into your writing process, to bear witness to your struggles and breakthroughs, and to be of use in moving through the writing process to completion. I love helping writers like you to communicate their experience, intelligence, and wisdom to the world.


UNDER CONSTRUCTION - please continue scrolling down

 I used Claudia's services when I wasn’t able to continue with writing the chapters of a particular monograph at the intersection of legal anthropology, medical sociology, and the social study of science. My writing was stuck, conceptually as well as argumentatively, and I wasn’t convinced whether there was a book in there.

Claudia was able to get to the point of my unfinished drafts and to direct me toward a much more fleshed out conceptual manuscript. Her observations and suggestions about structure and argument were right on the spot and helped me to re-conceptualize the book as a whole. 

I appreciated her rigorous professionalism as much as I valued her wit and genuine cordiality.


Sonia Van Wichelen
Associate Professor, Sociology

University of Sydney

 I have been using Claudia’s services to develop both articles and a monograph at the intersection of disability studies, performance studies, and medical anthropology. I can attest that working with them has truly been a joy and an intellectually enriching experience. What I particularly appreciate about Claudia’s approach is that they can immerse themselves fully in whichever project they work upon, flexibly adapting their thinking to the project’s particular focus, disciplinary approach and methods. They have the amazing capacity to walk/think literally in your shoes, while deeply honoring your own thinking.


They enable you to think and write, particularly at the points where you feel completely stuck. They keep challenging you to hone your arguments, and importantly, they are always there to help.


Their services has been indispensable to my forthcoming monograph and I cannot emphasize enough the thinking, care and thoughtfulness they brought to this project. I deeply admire Claudia’s intellectual rigour, commitment, ethical approach and professionalism. I have immensely benefited from their services and highly recommend them to anyone without a doubt.


Arseli Dokumaci
Communication Studies
Concordia University

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